CODY Astronomical Society


Member's Equipment

Society members' own a wide range of telescopes and cameras, ranging from binoculars to modern Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Examples of some of the equipment are shown below.

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8" Meade Newtonian
lx200.jpg (44189 bytes) Meade LX200 10" f10 Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector
intes.jpg (9558 bytes) Intes 6" Maksutov-Cassegrain Reflector on Polaris GP mount
4" Newtonian Reflector, f7.3
etx90ec.gif (8680 bytes) Click here for a review of the Meade ETX by member Gordon Lloyd
gx250.jpg (56024 bytes) Orion Optics GX250 10" f4.8 Newtonian Reflector on Polaris GP mount
ccd255.gif (69907 bytes) TC255 based CCD camera
mx5.jpg (35856 bytes) Starlite Xpress MX5 CCD camera
Philips TouCam Pro Webcam
250mm Newtonian (Gordon Lloyd)
Meade 80mm APO refractor
 Imaging Source DBK 41AU02.AS Camera