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Venus Transit - June 8th 2004

A few members gathered at the Cody Observatory to view the transit of Venus on 8th June 2004. The weather was superb, hot and sunny and 31C by noon ! We were joined by a continuous flow of people from QinetiQ and Dstl during the morning, coming to view the event at the Observatory. In the end hundreds of people saw the event at the observatory.


The society's Zeiss telescope was set up for viewing by direct observation and by projections. A number of members had set up telescopes outside the observatory and a live webcam image was on display. Many photographs were taken. Some are shown below - click for a larger image.

See a short video here

Pictures taken by Paul Curtis at the Cody Observatory, June 8th 2004             
Pictures taken by Phil Alner at the Cody Observatory, June 8th 2004      


Mercury Transit - May 7th 2003

On 7th May 2003, Mercury passed in front of the Sun. This event was watched by many of the club's members. Some were enthusiastic enough to be at the Observatory around 6am to catch the start, but many others came along at more respectable times on their way into work or to catch the end around 11.30am. The Zeiss 'scope was set up in projection mode and some members brought their own scopes with solar filters which were set up outside the observatory. Some webcam images were taken of both the Mercury transit and a large sunspot close by (click left for examples).

More information on the transit can be found here.


QinetiQ Sundial records the Spring Equinox

The Qinetiq sundial, located in the entrance to the main Cody building at Farnborough, records the passage of the noon-day sun throughout the year and is thus able to predict the calendar date. It was photographed at noon on March 21st, the spring equinox. Click the thumbnails below to see pictures of this event.

 sundial1.JPG (47758 bytes)                                    sundial2.JPG (58136 bytes)

The 1999 Total Solar Eclipse 11th August 1999

Many members of the society traveled to see the total eclipse last August, but few were lucky enough to see the event in clear skies !! In Cornwall some members saw nothing, but even in cloudy skies experienced the darkness and saw the moon's shadow coming and going and commented on odd behaviour by animals and birds. Some caught glimpses of the partial eclipse but cloud intervened at totality. In Northern France fortunes were mixed, with one member experiencing clear skies at first but then it clouded over before totality. One member (Paul Curtis) was lucky enough to see the eclipse in clear skies at a site about 25km west of Compiegne. Another member (Grant Privett) made the long journey to Turkey and he too had an excellent view of the whole event. Here are some pictures taken by the two lucky members. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image:-

partial.jpg (18218 bytes) totality.jpg (17360 bytes)

P1.JPG (12318 bytes) P2.JPG (32402 bytes) T2.JPG (13041 bytes) T1.jpg (17222 bytes)

Member Roger Smith has an interesting account of his sighting of the eclipse in France - click here to read his story.