CODY Astronomical Society


The History and Constitution of the Society

wpeA.jpg (4988 bytes)The society was formed in January 1998 following a year of preparatory work by a number of the
founder members. The history goes back to 1997 when Phil Alner, our past chairman, 'discovered' the
telescope (see
OUR 'SCOPE). A core group of members including Phil Alner, Gordon Lloyd,
Geoff Rowlands and Paul Curtis worked to bring this back into working condition and gain permission
for its use from our employer. The society now has permission to use, care and maintain this excellent
observatory, housing a 6" Carl Zeiss Coudé refractor in excellent condition.

The society has a formal constitution and a membership of 40+. Download a copy here.

                            The current committee are listed below:-  

Chairman Vacant     Membership Secretary Phil Alner
Secretary: Peter Randall   Observatory Manager: John Hargreaves    
Treasurer: Richard Whaley


    Talks Organiser Colin Hooper    
Member: Roger F.Smith   Webmaster Paul Curtis


Librarian: Liz Crow     H&S Officer: Vacant    
Member: Gordon Lloyd     Member